Swiggy Accused of Overcharging Users, Blames Technical Bug

Swiggy Accused of Overcharging users, Swiggy Technical Bug: A big issue that recently engulfed Swiggy, a well-known food delivery aggregator, drew light on the difficulties and responsibilities encountered by online platforms in assuring client happiness. Swiggy Accused of Overcharging users, many users have used social media to share their accusations.

Several users on the microblogging platform ‘X’ (formerly known as Twitter) alleged that Swiggy was overcharging them for their food orders. The issue centered around Swiggy rounding up the order amount to the nearest whole number and adding an extra ₹3 to the final bill. Swiggy’s user base experienced a wave of unhappiness as a result of the claimed overcharging.

Disgruntled users’ sharing of their experiences on ‘X’ increased the commotion, igniting discussions and debates on social media. Even Deepak Shenoy, the founder and CEO of Capital Mind, weighed in on Swiggy’s alleged overcharging issue. In a tweet, Shenoyremarked, “Holy moly. This is real. And I’ve found that @Swiggy has been doing this to me too!” When he scrutinized the details of his last order, his frustration was evident— the order was priced at 255.60, yet Swiggy charged him 259. Many individuals agreed with this opinion and questioned whether this was a planned attempt or only a chance error. Attempting to add an extra ₹3 in each transaction.

In a subsequent tweet, Shenoy delved into the issue and speculated that this confusion might not be a random error but a deliberate misrepresentation. He clarified, “Looks like this may just be a display issue. There is a discount of ₹3 on each order. The platform (Swiggy) reduced the charge from ₹5 to ₹2. But in the invoice, it shows the platform charge as only ₹2, making ₹3 disappear.” Shenoys’s “confused” sentiment was echoed by many users, finding it challenging to keep track of the discount while placing orders through the application.

Swiggy Accused of Overcharging Users

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Swiggy promptly addressed the issue, reaching out directly to Deepak Shenoy through their Swiggy Cares handle, confirming that the problem was indeed a technical bug. They said that their groups had previously taken all essential steps to address this problem as quickly as feasible.

They reassured users by stating, “Some users may see the wrong discount amount in their order history page. However, users have actually paid according to the discount amount applied during checkout. There is a discrepancy between the order history and the actual payment due to a technical bug that our teams have fixed. Go back to your favorite food order now!”

In the current digital era, all of the companies that are providing services online should focus on building the trust between the customers. While the initial outcry arose from the perception of overcharging, Swiggy’s response attributes the discrepancy to a technical glitch rather than a deliberate attempt to inflate prices. Source

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