Infosys to train 50000 employees on AI by collaborating with NVIDIA: Replacing Humans?

On Wednesday, the second-largest IT service provider in India, Infosys, made a statement about an expansion of its strategic alliance with NVIDIA which is an American chip making company. Infosys to train 50000 employees on AI Stack under the Infosys Nvidia Partnership. As part of this Infosys Nvidia partnership, NVIDIA will offer Infosys its artificial intelligence (AI) models, tools, applications, and computing foundational infrastructure, which, in turn, will train 50,000 of its more than 336,000 employees through a dedicated Center of Excellence in AI.

Infosys Co-Founder statement regarding: Infosys to train 50000 employees on AI

Infosys co founder and chairman Nandan Nilekani gave a statement to the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) on Wednesday about the Infosys Nvidia partnership that the company is “transforming into an AI-first company to provide better AI services for our customers worldwide.”

Infosys to train 50000 employees on AI

Infosys Co Founder Nilekani stated that, “We are looking at complex AI use cases for our customers that can significantly enhance their overall business value.” He also stated that the business is working to produce “end-to-end AI solutions.”

Customers of Infosys will be able to use the applications that come from this strategic alliance. The video analytics platform from Infosys, which will be based on NVIDIA’s Metropolis computer vision infrastructure platform, is one of the more well-known applications. Infosys will also present its custom enterprise large language models (LLM) using NVIDIA’s Riva generative AI platform for translational use cases.

Infosys is currently unveiling its “Topaz” AI platform for its customers, as mentioned by CEO Salil Parekh during the Q1FY24 quarterly earnings call on July 20. At that time, Parekh stated that the company had 80 active customer projects in generative AI, with a process underway to train 40,000 employees in generative AI skills.

“We are working with customers on both open source and proprietary generative AI platforms. We have developed certain open-source tools that we use internally in the departments where we make software. Using these capabilities both internally and externally, we are evolving into an AI-first business, Parekh remarked at the time.

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This choice was made at a time when all Indian IT service providers are focusing on generative AI because to the rising need for low-cost technology solutions prompted by the difficulties facing the global economy. Infosys decreased their revenue forecast for the fiscal year 2014 to 1-3.5% during its Q1FY24 conference call, which was the lowest in recent memory. Infosys had previously reported annual revenue increase of 15.4% for the fiscal year 2013. More details are expected to be available on October 12 when Infosys announces its Q2FY24 earnings for the fiscal year.

On Wednesday, it was seen that the share price of Infosys closed at 1490, which rose up 4.3% on the BSE. Infosys is facing the growing importance of AI industries and the requirement to train their employees in AI by utilizing the potential of generative AI and providing cutting-edge solutions to its clients.

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