Top Tech Updates: Meta AI Chatbot, iPhones Easier to Fix, and Google AI Arrives on More Phones

This week’s top tech updates, the tech world was buzzing with advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) and user-friendly repair options. Here’s a breakdown of the top tech updates that caught our attention:

Meta AI Chatbot Expands to Instagram:

Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta is bringing its AI game to Instagram! Their chatbot, cleverly named “Meta AI,” is being tested and can craft poems, generate images, and answer your questions based on a simple prompt. This follows their initial testing of the chatbot in India and other countries on WhatsApp.

Oppo and OnePlus Get a Boost with Google’s Gemini AI:

Smartphone giants Oppo and OnePlus announced a partnership with Google to integrate their powerful Gemini AI models into upcoming devices. This means users can leverage AI for tasks like summarizing news articles, creating unique audio content, and even generating social media content. The companies hinted at even more groundbreaking AI experiences on the horizon.

Apple Makes iPhone Repairs Easier:

Great news for iPhone users! Apple is finally making repairs more accessible by allowing customers and third-party repair shops to use genuine used parts. This move aims to improve user privacy, security, and overall product lifespan while offering more repair options. Previously, a process called “parts pairing” prevented repairs with used parts, causing issues like Face ID and Touch ID malfunctioning.

Google Photos Gets Smarter for Everyone:

Attention, photo enthusiasts! Google is rolling out a suite of AI-powered editing features to its Photos app starting May 15th. This includes their impressive Magic Editor, previously exclusive to Pixel 8 users. Google aims to compete in the growing market of AI-powered image editors with this free-to-use option (limited to 10 edits per month). Pixel users, however, rejoice – you get unlimited edits!

ChatGPT Gets an Upgrade:

OpenAI isn’t slowing down! They’ve released a new update for their popular ChatGPT chatbot, named GPT-4 Turbo. This upgrade focuses on making ChatGPT more direct, less wordy, and more natural in conversation. However, this perk comes at a cost – only paid subscribers of ChatGPT (Plus, Team, Enterprise, or API) can access the upgrade.

These advancements highlight the rapid evolution of AI and its increasing impact on our daily lives. From smarter chatbots and easier phone repairs to user-friendly photo editing tools, the future of technology seems both exciting and helpful.

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