Meet Xiaomi CyberDog 2: The Robot Dog That Does “Backflips” and More!

Meet Xiaomi CyberDog 2: The Robot Dog That Does Backflips: When Xiaomi introduced its CyberDog in the summer of 2021, reactions likened it to a nightmarish version of Boston Dynamics’ Spot. Fast forward to the present, and CyberDog 2 makes a reappearance with a seemingly friendlier demeanor. Let’s delve into the nuances of this robotic creation and its potential role in the evolving landscape of home robotics.

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A Glimpse into CyberDog 2’s Aesthetics

The updated CyberDog 2 has undergone a notable transformation, featuring a head reminiscent of a Dobermann’s with cropped, pointy ears. While it may not rival the charm of Sony’s Aibo, the design shift from the first CyberDog’s flat, Spot-like head to a more dog-like appearance is evident. Some may still find it a tad intimidating, but Xiaomi appears to be aiming for a balance between robotic innovation and approachable aesthetics.

Xiaomi's CyberDog 2 vs Rea Dog

An Up-Close Encounter at MWC

My recent visit to Xiaomi’s booth at MWC provided an up-close look at the new CyberDog. Although demonstrations were limited to showcasing the robot’s dressage shuffle, the resemblance to Boston Dynamics’ robots was apparent. The ability to perform flips, as demonstrated in promotional videos, underscores the agility of CyberDog 2. While it refrained from flipping during my observation, the potential showcased in videos suggests a versatile robotic companion.

The Price Point Dilemma

With a current online price tag of $3,000, CyberDog 2 positions itself as a premium home robot. This nearly doubles the cost of its predecessor, raising questions about the accessibility of such technology. While Xiaomi envisions CyberDog 2 as a home companion, the steep price may limit its adoption, at least in the near term.

A Glimpse into the Future: Robotic Replacement for Pets?

Xiaomi’s promotional video hints at a potential future where CyberDog 2 could serve as a replacement for real dogs. The ability to “speak back” adds an intriguing layer to its functionality. The video paints a dystopian picture of abandoned dogs, highlighting the robot’s capacity to engage with users. While the idea of a robotic pet replacement sparks curiosity, the emotional connection and authenticity of a living pet remain unparalleled.

Renowned Indian YouTuber, Tech Burner, recently acquired Xiaomi’s CyberDog 2. Known for his in-depth reviews and tech insights, Tech Burner’s choice to incorporate CyberDog 2 into his collection underscores the robot’s appeal among tech enthusiasts. As he explores the robot’s capabilities, viewers can anticipate a comprehensive and entertaining review, shedding light on the practicality and innovation embedded in Xiaomi’s latest robotic creation. Here is a detailed video of Tech Burner:

Conclusion: Navigating the Robotic Frontier

As Xiaomi continues to push the boundaries of robotics with CyberDog 2, questions arise about the role of such creations in our daily lives. The evolution from a nightmarish predecessor to a more refined iteration signals the ongoing quest for a harmonious blend of technology and human interaction. While the price point may pose challenges, the future trajectory of home robotics is undoubtedly an exciting frontier to explore.

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