How to Create Videos Using AI Tools like Vizard AI and 2short AI in 2024

This article shows How to Create Videos Using AI Tools like Vizard AI and 2short AI in 2024. Ever wished you could churn out engaging videos faster, without spending hours glued to your editing software? Well, the future of video creation is here, and it uses artificial intelligence (AI) to lend a hand. Let’s dive into how you can leverage AI tools like Vizard AI and 2short ai to streamline your video workflow.

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The AI Edge: Auto-Editing on Autopilot

Imagine this: you upload your long-form video, and within minutes, you have a handful of captivating short clips ready for social media. That’s the magic of AI video editors. These tools analyze your video, automatically identify interesting moments, and generate bite-sized snippets perfect for platforms like YouTube Shorts, TikTok, and Instagram Reels.

Vizard AI: Your YouTube Shorts Powerhouse

Vizard shines in the world of YouTube Shorts. Here’s how to use it:

  1. Upload Your Footage: Drag and drop your video into the Vizard interface, or simply paste a YouTube link if your video is already online.
  2. Let the AI Work its Wonders: Click “Get AI Clips” and watch Vizard work its magic. The AI will analyze your video, find key moments, and even transcribe the audio for you.
  3. Craft Your Shorts: Vizard generates multiple short clips based on the highlights it identified. You can choose the ones you like and further refine them using the built-in editor. Add text overlays, emojis, and even royalty-free background music to personalize your creation.
  4. Publish and Shine: Once you’re happy with your Shorts, export them and upload them directly to YouTube with just a few clicks.

Beyond Vizard: Exploring offers a similar AI-powered approach, but with a focus on creating short, engaging videos across various platforms. Here’s a breakdown of its workflow:

  1. Choose Your Style: offers a variety of video templates to jumpstart your creation. Pick a template that matches the mood and message you want to convey.
  2. Upload Your Content: You can upload videos, images, or even text to populate the template.
  3. AI Enhancement: uses AI to automatically generate transitions, add music, and create a visually stunning short video.
  4. Download and Share: Download your creation and share it on your favorite social media platform.

Features of Vizard Ai and

Vizard Ai 2Short Ai
Effortless Editing: AI transcribes your videos and adds captions, saving you time. Stay in Focus: Its facial tracking technology keeps you perfectly centered in the frame, no more awkward cropping!
Global Reach: Supports 18 languages for subtitles, expanding your audience. Captivate with Captions: Generate automatic animated subtitles that add personality and accessibility to your shorts.
Multi-Person Magic: Handles videos with multiple people, creating engaging collages. Go Big or Go Small: Effortlessly create perfect shorts in any format, thanks to’s support for vertical, horizontal, and all aspect ratios.
Visual Storytelling: Add images and text overlays to enhance your message. Unlock Export Power: Enjoy unlimited high-resolution exports to make your content stand out on any platform.
Viral Clip Factory: Generate 10+ high-quality viral clips in seconds. Brand it Up: Add your own logos and overlays to your exported videos for a professional touch.

AI-Powered Video Editing: Vizard vs. and are both online platforms that utilize artificial intelligence to streamline video creation. Here’s a quick rundown of each:

  • Specializes in generating bite-sized video clips specifically optimized for YouTube Shorts. It analyzes your video, identifies key moments, and creates engaging short snippets perfect for the platform.
  • Offers a broader approach, allowing you to create short, attention-grabbing videos for various social media platforms. It provides video templates and uses AI to add transitions, music, and polish to your content.

Beyond the Automation: The Human Touch

While AI tools are fantastic time-savers, remember that the human touch is still essential. Use these AI-generated clips as a starting point, not a finished product. Here are some ways to add your own creative flair:

  • Refine the Clips: Don’t be afraid to trim, crop, and rearrange the AI-generated clips to create the perfect flow for your video.
  • Add Your Voice: Narrate your video or include voiceovers to provide context and personality.
  • Spice it Up with Overlays: Use text overlays, graphics, and calls to action to make your video more engaging.

The Final Cut: Unleash Your Creativity with AI Assistance

AI video editing tools like Vizard and are powerful allies for creators of all levels. By leveraging AI to handle the heavy lifting, you can free up your time to focus on the creative aspects of storytelling. So, embrace the AI revolution, and get ready to pump out amazing videos faster than ever before!


In conclusion, AI tools like Vizard AI and 2short AI are revolutionizing the way we create videos, making it easier and more accessible than ever before. By leveraging advanced algorithms and automation, these platforms empower content creators to produce high-quality, engaging videos with ease. Whether you’re a business looking to enhance your marketing efforts or an individual seeking to express your creativity, AI-powered video creation tools offer endless possibilities for innovation and expression.

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