Breaking News: Meta’s Shocking Layoffs in Metaverse Silicon Unit Set for Today

Meta Layoffs in Metaverse Silicon Unit: Reuters was informed on Tuesday by two reliable sources that Meta intends to fire staff members from its Reality Labs business, which specializes in bespoke silicon. On Tuesday, a post announcing the employee layoffs was placed on Meta’s internal discussion forum. According to one individual, the message indicated that they will learn of their employment status with the organization by Wednesday morning.

A Meta representative declined to comment on the new layoff news. The precise number of layoffs in Facebook’s Augmented Silicon Team or the Fast team, which has about 600 personnel, could not be confirmed by Reuters, according to other sources.

To enable Meta’s Reality Labs business, which develops enhanced and immersive augmented reality technology, the Fast team is in charge of creating specialized processors.

Currently, Meta is collaborating with a mixed reality headset and eyewear manufacturer called Essilor Luxottica to design a series of smart glasses. These glasses can stream video through a new artificial intelligence assistant and communicate with wearers.

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Last week, Meta announced the latest versions of its smart glasses and its consumer-focused Quest headset, Quest 3, at its annual Connect conference.

According to one source, the company is also working on projecting augmented reality objects onto transparent lenses alongside related smartwatch projects.

However, Meta faces competition from companies producing chips that can compete with externally produced silicon, and it has turned its attention towards chip manufacturer Qualcomm for devices currently in the market, including the Quest headset and the Ray-Ban glasses. Source: Reuters

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