Apple Set To Become a “$4 Trillion Company” Within a Year

Apple To Become a $4 Trillion Company: Recent insights from Apple’s supply chain checks have revealed a promising outlook, defying expectations for order cuts at this time of year. Wedbush Securities’ Dan Ives believes this unexpected trend signals a potential “product renaissance” for Apple in 2024. As the company gears up for what Ives calls the “lead-up to AI,” this article explores the implications of Apple’s strategic moves, including the envisioned AI App Store and advancements in on-device AI processing.

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Unveiling the “Super Bowl Moment”

Ives emphasizes the significance of the supply chain checks, describing them as a “Super Bowl moment” for Apple. The unexpected resilience in demand and absence of major order cuts suggest a positive trajectory for the company, setting the stage for a transformative year.

Stabilized iPhone Demand in China

Ives contends that iPhone demand in China has not only stabilized but may be on the rise. The accuracy of supply chain checks strengthens this assertion, providing insights into the robust performance of Apple’s flagship product in a crucial market.

The Emergence of On-Device AI

Ives predicts a paradigm shift with the “lead-up to AI,” anticipating the creation of an AI App Store. This evolution involves increased memory usage on Apple devices to facilitate on-device AI processing, representing a strategic move towards harnessing the power of artificial intelligence.

Apple’s AI Revolution

The stock market’s positive response to Apple’s AI initiatives underscores Wall Street’s acknowledgment of the impending “AI Revolution” in Cupertino. Ives delves into the potential impact of large language models (LLMs) in the iPhone 16, positioning Apple at the forefront of AI innovation.

The Lucrative AI App Store

With a vast iOS install base exceeding 2.2 billion, Ives sees the AI App Store as a game-changer. The potential for developers to leverage AI elements in their apps could significantly boost Apple’s Services unit, offering lucrative opportunities in the evolving AI landscape.

Apple Vision Pro and the AI Revolution

Apple $4 Trillion Company Vision Pro

Ives draws attention to the Apple Vision Pro, describing it as the “tip of the iceberg” in the broader AI revolution. Anticipating success, he shares insights into the headset’s conversion rates, revising initial sales forecasts from 300,000 to an impressive 600,000 units for the year.

Apple $4 Trillion Market Cap Vision

Reiterating his bullish stance, Ives forecasts Apple hitting a remarkable $4 trillion market cap within a year. Wedbush’s $250 price target for Apple stock reflects confidence in the company’s strategic moves and its pivotal role in the AI-driven future.


As Apple embarks on what could be a transformative year marked by AI advancements and unexpected supply chain resilience, the tech giant positions itself at the forefront of innovation. The envisioned “product renaissance” and the unfolding AI revolution underscore Apple’s commitment to shaping the future of technology.

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