Attention Android Users! New TheTruthSpy Victims Exposed – “Is Your Device Hacked?”

New TheTruthSpy Victims Exposed: TheTruthSpy, a consumer-grade spyware operation, continues to pose a significant security and privacy threat, compromising thousands of Android devices with its mobile surveillance apps.

Despite being exposed for a major security flaw, TheTruthSpy’s operators have failed to rectify the issue, allowing hacking groups SiegedSec and ByteMeCrew to exploit the vulnerability.

This article delves into the ongoing risks associated with TheTruthSpy, the recently discovered flaw, and the broader implications for victims whose data remains in jeopardy.

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TheTruthSpy’s Pervasive Surveillance

As a leading player in the realm of stalkerware or spouseware, TheTruthSpy clandestinely infiltrates Android devices, enabling unauthorized tracking and monitoring. Victims, often unaware of the spyware’s presence, fall prey to the invasion of their digital privacy, with the compromised data sent to TheTruthSpy’s servers.

Unaddressed Security Flaw: TheTruthSpy Victims Exposed

Despite being exposed in a previous investigation, TheTruthSpy’s operators neglected to address a fundamental security flaw that exposes victims’ phone data on the spyware’s servers. This flaw, known as CVE-2022-0732, allows unfettered remote access to a wealth of sensitive information, including text messages, photos, call recordings, and real-time location data.

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Independent Exploitation by Hacking Groups

In December 2023, hacking groups SiegedSec and ByteMeCrew independently identified and exploited TheTruthSpy’s security flaw, further jeopardizing victims’ data. The flaw’s simplicity made public exploitation inevitable, raising concerns about the potential misuse of highly sensitive information.

Heightened Security Risks for Victims

TheTruthSpy’s poor security practices and the persistent flaw have left victims vulnerable to ongoing security risks. The recent breach by hacking groups underscores the urgent need for addressing the security loophole and mitigating the potential fallout for compromised individuals.

The Reality of Stalkerware

Stalkerware apps like TheTruthSpy thrive on their ability to remain hidden on devices, making detection and removal challenging for victims. As these apps continuously upload sensitive data to remote servers, the threat to individual privacy becomes increasingly pervasive.

The Developer’s Identity Exposed

Previous investigations revealed that a Vietnam-based startup named 1Byte is behind TheTruthSpy. The developers took extensive measures to conceal their identities, but leaky servers and poor security practices exposed their real-world identities, shedding light on the individuals responsible for the spyware operation.

The Ongoing Persistence of TheTruthSpy

Despite disruptions caused by investigations and the suspension of accounts by PayPal and Stripe, TheTruthSpy continues to operate. Hosted on servers in Moldova, the spyware’s persistence poses a continuous threat to individuals, particularly as the stolen data remains accessible on the internet.


TheTruthSpy’s unaddressed security flaw and persistent operations underscore the critical need for vigilance and proactive measures to safeguard against stalkerware threats. As hacking groups exploit vulnerabilities, victims remain at risk of privacy invasion, emphasizing the urgency for comprehensive action to neutralize the ongoing threat posed by TheTruthSpy.

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