Pinterest Signs Major Ad Deal with Google before nearing 500M MAUs

Pinterest Signs Major Ad Deal with Google: In a strategic move to bolster its advertising revenue, Pinterest has announced a groundbreaking ad deal with Google, marking a significant collaboration that follows Pinterest’s multiyear pact with Amazon last year. The unveiling of this partnership during the Q4 2023 earnings call not only aims to elevate Pinterest’s ad revenue but also sets the stage for innovative strategies to engage its global user base.

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Pinterest’s Vision for Revenue Acceleration

Pinterest’s ambitions for heightened ad revenue take center stage as the social platform forges a dynamic partnership with Google, its second third-party ad collaborator. The move reflects Pinterest’s commitment to diversifying its revenue streams and capitalizing on the success of its earlier collaboration with Amazon.

Q4 2023 Earnings Insights

Despite Pinterest’s Q4 2023 revenue slightly falling short of analyst expectations at $981 million, the platform showcased robust growth metrics. Monthly active users experienced a notable surge, reaching 498 million with an impressive 11% year-on-year growth. The subsequent dip in Pinterest’s stock, triggered by revenue expectations, was mitigated when CEO Bill Ready unveiled the strategic Google partnership.

Google Collaboration: Monetizing Global Markets

Pinterest’s CEO, Bill Ready, shed light on the transformative Google partnership during the earnings call. The collaboration aims to monetize currently untapped international markets by integrating Google’s Ad Manager to serve ads on Pinterest. The early rollout of this ad integration is already yielding positive results, with third-party ad demand scaling as anticipated.

Addressing International Revenue Disparity

Ready highlighted a significant statistic – Pinterest boasts 80% of its user base outside the U.S., contributing only 20% to revenue. The Google partnership emerges as a strategic move to enhance the average revenue per user in international markets, addressing a crucial imbalance in Pinterest’s revenue distribution.

Pinterest’s Audience Growth Strategies

CEO Bill Ready delved into Pinterest’s commitment to audience expansion through innovative approaches. The introduction of the collage feature, allowing users to create images using stickers and objects, was rolled out globally to all iOS users. While Pinterest did not disclose conversion figures, it revealed that 75% of collages featured a shoppable product pin, hinting at potential revenue streams.

Auto-Organizing Feature and Increased Engagement

Pinterest’s drive for increased user engagement is evident in the successful rollout of an auto-organizing feature recognizing similar pins, leading to a 30% surge in boards created on the platform. These initiatives showcase Pinterest’s commitment to fostering a dynamic and interactive user experience.

Generative AI-Based Search Guides

Ready emphasized Pinterest’s utilization of generative AI-based search guides, empowering users to refine queries and navigate seamlessly toward actionable outcomes, including points of purchase. This AI-driven approach underscores Pinterest’s dedication to enhancing user satisfaction and interaction.

Inclusivity Initiatives: Body Type Ranges in Search

Pinterest’s commitment to inclusivity is exemplified by its experimentation with a new search tool incorporating body type ranges. Launched in November, this initiative aims to make search results more inclusive, aligning with Pinterest’s ethos of catering to diverse user demographics.


As Pinterest charts its course toward increased ad revenue, the strategic partnership with Google emerges as a pivotal step in its trajectory. The platform’s commitment to user engagement, innovative features, and inclusivity initiatives positions Pinterest as a dynamic force in the competitive landscape of social media. The collaborative efforts with Google signify not only a financial milestone but also a testament to Pinterest’s dedication to providing a rich and interactive experience for its global user base.

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