Apple Thinking About Foldable iPhone after Vision Pro Success

Apple Thinking About Foldable iPhone: In a surprising revelation during last week’s Vision Pro release, Apple’s typically guarded development process came to light, offering a glimpse into the challenges faced in bringing its first headset to market. An interview with Apple CEO Tim Cook in Vanity Fair shed light on the early struggles of what he dubbed “the monster,” the initial iteration of the company’s groundbreaking headset. Additionally, rumors surrounding foldable iPhone indicates a rollercoaster journey marked by setbacks, with durability and crease issues reportedly leading to a temporary halt in development.

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Exploring Apple’s Foldable iPhone Endeavors:

The Vanity Fair interview hinted at the existence of foldable iPhones and MacBooks with retractable keyboards, stored in restricted rooms within Apple’s facilities. While the article paints a somewhat uncertain picture of the foldable iPhone’s fate, recent reports from The Information suggest that Apple may be revisiting the foldable iPhone concept after overcoming previous obstacles.

A Long History of Contemplation:

Apple’s interest in foldable technology dates back to 2018, predating Samsung’s release of the Galaxy Fold. Despite the challenges faced by early adopters like Samsung, the foldable device market has matured considerably in the past 4.5 years, with companies like Samsung, Huawei, Oppo/OnePlus, Motorola, and Google making significant strides.

Foldable phones in 2024

Addressing Durability Concerns:

The foldable device market has overcome initial durability concerns, with Samsung’s Fold and Flip devices leading the way. However, the question for Apple remains: what standards constitute “good enough” for a company known for groundbreaking innovation and high-quality products?

Apple’s Unique Approach:

Similar to its approach with products like the original iPhone, AirPods, and the Apple Watch, Apple is likely to introduce a foldable iPhone only when it believes it can offer a fresh and compelling addition to the market. While durability and performance are crucial, Apple’s commitment to innovation may lead to features that set its foldable device apart.

Market Dynamics and Future Forecast:

IDC projects foldable shipments to reach just over 21 million in 2023, with a market doubling to 48.1 million by 2027. While this figure may seem modest compared to global smartphone shipments, Apple’s potential entry into the foldable market could significantly impact these forecasts, as the tech giant has a history of legitimizing and revolutionizing product categories.

Form Factor Considerations:

Reports suggest that Apple may lean towards a clamshell form factor for its foldable iPhone, potentially featuring an impressive eight-inch main display. The choice of form factor will be crucial, as it needs to strike a balance between screen size and device portability, catering to a wide audience.

The Apple Effect on the Market:

Apple’s mere presence in the foldable device space could bring a new level of legitimacy to the category, potentially influencing consumer preferences and adoption rates. While the tech giant’s magic touch is often associated with groundbreaking success, recent skepticism surrounding the Vision Pro raises questions about whether Apple can continue its pattern of innovation.


As Apple reportedly re-enters the foldable iPhone arena, the tech world awaits the company’s next groundbreaking move. While challenges and uncertainties persist, Apple’s potential impact on the foldable device market cannot be ignored, and industry dynamics may see a significant shift in the coming years. The Vision Pro and the rumored foldable iPhone represent Apple’s ongoing pursuit of innovation, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the ever-evolving world of technology.

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